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  Self-taught Wildlife Artist & Fine Art Professional  
  Rahul Parekh Wildlife Artist  
Biography - Rahul Parekh    

I sometimes wonder, Why do I paint only wildlife and nature? I feel like something is pulling me towards the wilderness. My thoughts, views and heart is full of love for nature. I can't think something else…

Born in Vansda in 1979. It's a small town with surrounding beautiful evergreen forest of Western Ghats. May be this is the reason I still feel captivated towards Mother Nature. My parents have always supported me, to make my dream come true and achieve all my desires to become a Wildlife Artist. I'm really blessed and grateful to them...

I've enjoyed my academic career & studies during my school and college days. Though, I was not very brilliant in studies like other students, I've completed my graduation and even my software engineering successfully with good marks and without being failed once whoohoo! :D. I must say, I've enjoyed my studies without much tension or worries to get highest marks or percentage and completed the academics with fun & joy :).

Rahul parkh Artist
  on field work with my Activa  

I've started my heepry-hoopry drawing at age of 7-8, but at age of I think 10 my dad bought me a new Animal Book. I was so happy to have it. In that book there are so many lovely, colourful & lively illustrations of birds, animals, insects of the world. I've tried to draw some of them but I failed. It was looking very difficult for me to draw and I became sad...but I wanted to draw & paint Wildlife since childhood. I was keen to learn art so I kept practicing drawing & learned new methods & techniques of art during those earlier days :).

Then I got busy in my study & later started my career as Software Engineer in 2002. I worked for two years in IT firm but quit the IT field to live my dream to become Artist & to start career in Fine Art Field :).

A lovely trip to Royal Chitvan NP, Nepal was a game changer for me. It has revived me to live for my passion to become Wildlife Artist...


My childhood dream to draw wild creatures came alive and today I draw and paint wildlife and nature happily; I'm loving it so much :).

  Artist's Statement  

I'm self-taught wildlife artist. My primary aim is to represent the wild creatures in its full glory. I believe important aspacts of Wildlife Art Painting is expression, feel and life. I'm working in realistic style using Oils, Acrylics, Watercolour and Graphite. I also love to experiment with new mediums, techniques and think beyond the perspective to step out the comfort zone and feel the fun of new achievements.

I regularly visit different wild places and countryside for my inspirations. Fieldwork teaches me how important is to keep patience and this turns my love for nature into passion and this teaches me importance of dedication towards nature, life and love…

My paintings, are all about feeling love for nature & wildlife and easy to understand the conveyed message & inner beauty of the subject. I don't like to create confusions in the mind of viwer. I love to create painting that is straight forward with focused vision on the story telling, atmosphere of the wilderness, Lively expression of the subject through effective colour scheme & compositional structure & design.

Important part of my Wildlife Art is Conservation & Nature - Environmental Awareness. I'm working really hard towards it. I'm positive that all my effort to create awareness through my wildlife art paintings will be true one day. Good News is after many years of hard work have enable me to work for Nature Conservation. I've started Green Tree Eco Conservation Fund. At the moment I've pledged to donate 10-30% of the sales proceeds to the Green Tree Eco Conservation Fund through sales proceeds of my Nature & Wildlife Art Paintings.

Please visit my Online Gallery and Fine Art Studio for my Wildlife Paintings and on the easel artworks…For more information please also visit Commission Work page.

Please take care and Have a Beautiful life :)
With Tawny Eagle Drawing
Bird Watching & Sketching in the Wild
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Green Tree Eco Conservation Fund
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