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My Sketchbook

Field Sketching and Plein Air Painting is important and inevitable part of Wildlife Art. To understand Nature; Artist has to observe every elements and aspacts of the nature. Whether its living or dead, everthing plays important role to sustain nature.

My Sketchbook helps me to interect with nature and many times it gives me ideas to decide new composition for my realistic artworks. Here are some of my quick sketches from photos and also plein air sketching / paintings done in the wild. I'll regularly update this page with new studies...so keep looking for something new :).

My Original sketches are not for sell at the moment but I'm getting really lovely appreciaitons & credits for my quick sketching so in very near future will start a new project to make available my sketches to all the interested clients to support wildlife conservation and awareness among people through my Art :).

I'm now accepting Private Commission work of Pencil Portraits of Human Subject for the interested buyers. Please email me or send Whatsapp message for more information :). 10% of the sales proceed will be donated towards the Nature Conservation Projects.

Pencil Portrait of Dalai Lama
Pencil Portrait of Clint Eastwood
Pencil Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi
Pencil Portrait of an Infant
Pencil Portrait of Woman Eyes
Pencil Portrait of an Old Man
Snow Leopard Sketch
Imperial Eagle Sketch
Bengal Tiger Sketch
Bluebull Antelope Sketch
Jungle Cat Sketch
Indian Fox Sketch
Kestrel Sketch
Sirkeer and Green bee eater sketch
Flame throated bulbul sketch
Field Sketching
Field Sketching
House Sparrow Skeches
Rose-ringed Parakeet Sketches
Common Myna Sketches
Shikra Sketches
Cattle Egret Sketches
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