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  Nature & Wildlife Conservtion Projects...  

Rahul Parekh Wildlife Art & Green Tree ECF is commited to do sincere Nature Conservation activities to save our precious Ecosystems & Wildlife.


  Save House Sparrow Project:  

House Sparrows are struggling to survive in our concerete jungle now. Their natural nesting sites are fast declining. Scarcity of food, excessive use of pesticides are main reasons of their declining in numbers. Please support us in our 'Save House Sparrow Project' to increase the numbers of our little flying wonders & giving them safe atmosphere & good opportunity for successful breeding.

Please install clay Water Pots, Bird Feeders & Nest Boxes at your home & also plant medium sized leafy flowring trees nearby your home or street or socities or open plots or garden. Please convert your home into 'Bird Station' to attract House Sparrows & other birds.

Bird Station Guidelines:

1) Please keep 4-5 clay water pots & also clean them at every 2-3 days.
2) Please keep 5-6 bird feeders & keep 2-3 feeders seperately for sparrows.
3) House Sparrow loves Rice & Pearl Millet (Bajra).
4) For big birds like Pigeons keep Rice, Pearl Millet, Millet (Jowar/Jar) & Wheat seperately.
5) Please be regular in filling bird feeders & water pots daily.

House Sparrow Nest Box:

Installation of Nest Boxes is critical now. In our modern architecture, House Sparrows don't find proper nesting space!! So it's now our responsibility to give them proper nesting opportunity & breeding atmosphere.

Nest Box Installation Guidelines:

1) Select safe place. Keep Nestbox under the Balcony or minimum 6" below the ceiling.
2) Install 2+ Nestboxes with minimum distance of 5 feet between two boxes.
3) Fix the Nestbox perfectly so it won't drop off. Use Plastic String / Washer to fix it well.
4) Make sure Nestbox is not swinging or loose.
5) Don't install Nestbox on Tree. House Sparrow don't make nest on Trees.
6) Don't install Nestbox on Terrace or Open Area. Cats & Birds of Prey may kill them.
7) Don't select wet place or where cats/squirrels can easily reach to the nestbox.
8) Keep Nesting Materials aside. Broom Grass, Jute Strings, Wool Strings, Cotton etc.
9) Keep seperate water pots & bird feeders nearby the Nestbox for House Sparrows.
10) Create Safe & Peaceful environment neaby the Nestbox.
11) Please be sincere & keep records of House Sparrow nesting in your nestboxes.

House Sparrow Nesting Images at my Art Studio:

House Sparrow Nesting in Nest Box
House Sparrow Nesting in Nest Box

Install your Nestboxes Today & Contribute to Save Our House Sparrows:

If you don't find nest box in your city! No worries, Nestboxes are now available with me too. I provide pack of 10 Nestboxes at cost price on non-profit basis. You just need to pay courier charges extra to cover the expenses of PP. Cost of Nest Box is Rs. 12/- per piece.

This Nestbox is made of Corugated Card Board & it's Non Waterproof so need to be installed at Dry Place away from rain/droplets/damp wall.

Price of 'Nestbox Pack10' is Rs. 250/- including courier charges (Within Gujarat).
Price of 'Nestbox Pack10' is Rs. 350/- including courier charges (Outside Gujarat).

N.B.: Currently, Nestbox are 'Out of Stock' with me!! Please contact directly to Bharatbhai Sujreja, Rajkot or below mobile numbers :).

Please email me at rahulc_parekh@yahoo.com to get this pack. You can make payment through Cheque/DD (payable at par) / Money Order / Online fund trasfer through NEFT. Your order will be delivered to you within 2-3 working days through reputed courier service or by Speed Post service of India Post (4-5 days) :).

The most important thing for me is Successful Nesting & Breeding. My request is please share the images of your nest box installation & nesting images with me for my records & spread the words to more people...


  Please Contact here to purchase Sparrow Nest Box in your Area:  
Contact Person
Mobile No.
Nature & Adventure Club
C/o. Bharatbhai Sureja (Bulk Purchase)
+91 98242 35191
(0281) 2243242
Jayeshbhai Sureja
+91 94269 94144
Bipinbhai Ladani
+91 94260 28800
Jitubhai Chavada
+91 93773 13031
Kishorbhai Bhatt
(0278) 2568734
Pratapsingh Sucharya
+91 98255 41041
Mayur Nature Club
+91 94282 77418
Shivam Group
+91 93276 66685
Mayurbhai Patel
+91 94290 89300
Gopalbhai Gondalia
+91 98795 91201
Rapar (Kutch)
Yogeshbhai Joshi
+91 97268 42108
Bhavinbhai Gurjar
+91 94274 25451
Navinbhai Amin
+91 94280 49878
Darshan High School
+91 94288 42323
Mehulbhai Vyas
+91 98252 95247
Dr. Shilpaben Patel
+91 98981 20519
Kadi - Kalol
Sardar Nature Club
+91 97232 10156
Navalbhai Daga
+91 94601 42430
Madhya Pradesh
Kapilbhai Patidar
+91 94071 08682


  Vulture Conservtion Information:  
  Vultures comes under birds of prey but carrion eating birds of the order falconiformes. They have bare head & large crops. Their feet are big but weak and flat nailed, adapted to walking & holding the carcass. There eye sight is well developed & beak is very strong & heavy.  
  Vultures can soar for a long period of time. When one bird finds the carcass or dying animal, other fly in from miles away. Feeding vultures maintain the strict social order as per body size and strength of beak.  
  Vultures often roosting & nesting in groups on cliffs and tall trees. The young matures slowly than other falconiformes birds.  
  From last few years vultures population decresing due to cutting down the tall trees, unavailability of food and recent research done by BNHS, RSPB & Bird International found out that use of veterinary drug called 'Diclofenac' is the main cause of decresing vulture population. As per recent news the Indian government has put the ban on this drug in veterinary use.  
  A very good step towards the vulture conservation & now its our prime duty to save this birds, for that please try to save trees & grow more trees and try your level best to enlighten the issue of ban on 'Diclofenac' to concern people.  
  For more information on Vulture Conservation visit:  
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