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Green Tree Eco Conservation Fund
Rahul Parekh Wildlife Art
  Wildlife & Nature Conservation Art...  

As an Artist I always thinking about meaning of different Art Forms. Generally Fine Art always classified in different subjects and styles but Art is much more than that. Art is not only the way of representing different subjects & to expressing the feelings of artist or to please the viewer's heart but it's a way of living true life.

I believe Art means 'To Respect & Give something Back to one's inspiration'. Artist becomes devoted to the art when love & care for the inspiration is performed by heart. My inspiration is Mother Nature & Wildlife. Nature gives me immense opportunity to flourish my Art and learning new things. Not only that, She also show me the value of Freedom in Life' to understand & respect the essence of wilderness...

'Wildlife & Nature Conservation Art' is my homage to Mother Nature & way to Save our Precious Nature & Wildlife. My each & every artworks are dedicated for Nature Conservation. I Paint for Nature & it's a breath for me :-). Every week new artworks will be added to support Nature Conservation Activities through 'Green Tree Eco Conservation Fund'.

  About Green Tree Eco Conservation Fund...  

We the 'Human Being' are part of nature, but our greed to achieve quick growth is so high that it keep us away from the Nature and now our destruction of Natural Resources & Ecosystems is so rapid that Nature becomes helpless to survive herself from such horrific situations :-(. If Ecosystems will not survive then our Wildlife be no more with us!!! Nature is now need our help to survive. If we will not help her than our future is in darkness!!!

'Green Tree Eco Conservation Fund' is my dream & humble way to return something back to Nature. 'Green Tree ECF' will mainly work with other reputed, active & experienced Nature Conservation Organizations in the field of Ecology, Environment, Nature & Wildlife Conservation. Along with it We will also work at ground level to reach common people to protect our nature with conservation activities like To educate & inspire local people to come forward to Save our Nature, Native Tree Plantation & Nest Box Installation for different species of birds to save them in the wild.

Green Tree ECF's working area will increase & spread to more important aspacts as soon as possible with successful participation of you lovely People & Different Conservation ORGs.

Green Tree ECF has recently joined hands with 'CROW INDIA' Organization. Conservation & Rehabilitation Of Wildlife (CROW) is actively working in the field of Rescue & Rehabilitation of Wildlife in 100KM redious around Rajkot, Gujarat. 30% of the sales proceeds from my Wildlife Artworks will be donated to the CROW Organization.

To raise funds, As a founder of this Ecology Conservation Fund, I'll contribute 10-30% of the sales proceeds of my 'Wildlife & Nature Conservation Art' & 'Outdoor Gear' to this fund. Currently we are working on 'Save House Sparrow Project' & Conservation & Rehabilitation of Wildlife Projects in Rajkot. it's getting lovely support from the common people & House Sparrows are now breeding successfully in our Nest Boxes and Many Wild Animals & Birds are getting new life by Rehabilitation Projects run by CROW Organization.

  Supporters of Green Tree ECF...  
Eco Care India has suppored 'Save House Sparrow Project'
CROW INDIA is associated with Rahul Parekh Wildlife Art & Green Tree ECF
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  You can support 'Green Tree ECF' by purchasing 'Nature & Wildlife Conservation Art' & 'Outdoor Gear' or Please click on the image below...  
Nature Conservation through Art
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