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Wildlife Art Gallery - Originals - (To view Entire Collection Click here)
  Miniature Paintings
(Click the images to zoom)
Red-vented Bulbul
5" X 2.5"
Rs. 4000/-
"Freedom", Red-vented Bulbul. Very beautiful bird having sweet voice. Mainly found in forest, villages & now also visible in city area :).
"Save Birdlife"

"Indian Robin", Looking gorgeous & graceful with erected tail & red vent. Hopping evey where in villages and wild places. A very beautiful bird :)

Common yet important bird...
Indian Robin

Indian Robin

Rs. 4000/-
  Watercolour on Paper  
  Armour in Peril - Great one-horned Indian Rhino  
  Armour in Peril  
11" X 15"
Rs. 8250/-
Pledge : 10%

"Armour in Peril", Great one-horned Indian Rhinoceros, Human dies because they don't get organ donar but Rhinos are dying becasue of their organs!! A bitter reality but still after many years or conservation activities, we are failed to stop Rhino Poaching & losing our precious Rhinos one by one everyday :((. One other hand there is no scientific or medical evidances that proves that Rhino Horns in chinese medicine are beneficial for human!! What a Pity & Shame for human!!!

" A Living Armour that can't protect itself, Need to stop people from purchasing such medicines"
  Acrylic on Canvas  
  A Painful Panacea - Rhinoceros Conservation  
  A Painful Panacea  
18" X 12"
Rs. 15000/-
Pledge : 10%

"A Painful Panacea", Rhino Poaching for it's Horn is the most ferocious crime & solely responsible for fast declining of Rhino Numbers in the world. A strong, sensible & serious conservation steps are required to undertake to sustain the survival of our all precious Rhino Species. 

"Rhino.....Don't wait till it becomes extinct!!!"

"Night Stalkers", Chiroptera, Only True Flyer of the Mammal World. Bats play important role to keep healthy ecosystems & environment. They are the best Pest Controllers, Pollinators & Seed Dispensers. They are in big troubles now because of Air & Noise Pollution, Use of Pesticides, Wi-Fi & Mobile Radio Waves Frequences, Wind Turbines, Loss of Feeding Habitat & Roosting & Hibernation Sites...Save Bats at the earliest.

  Night Stalkers  
Rs. 25000/-
Pledge : 10%
  Humane Intervention - White-browed Wagtail  
  Humane Intervention  
18" X 12"
Rs. 21500/-
Pledge : 10%

"Humane Intervention", White-browed Wagtail, In today's world, Human & Nature are now two different entities. Both are struggling to survive together & nature always suffers a lot. All Human Civilizations are flourished nearby water resources so the most ruined ecology is Hydro Ecology in the world. Now it needs serious restoration & recreation process. Human Intervention in Natural World is reality & we can't stop it but it should be Humane Intervention so we both, Nature & Human can survive & flourish together happily.

"Protection of Earth's Water Resources is our prime responsibility, Survival of Nature is depend on it"

"Eyes of the Darkness", Barn Owl, An evening with nature is so relaxing while watching the returning birds to their nest & roosting sites. Fruit Bats are flying far away to start their long night. Insects are buzzing to add melody in peaceful atmosphere. Dark meadow is swinging with the cool wind and in this tranquil moment hunter of the night preying so peacefully. Silence prevail forever and life goes on and on and on :)). 

Owls are guardian of our farms & crops. They are not evil ghosts. Owls need rapid conservation efforts to save all the owl species. They are struggling to survive from Habitat Loss, Lack of Roosting & Nesting sites, Pesticides, Sky Lanterns, Poaching for Food & Black Magic & Superstitions related to owls...

"An amazing huter of the night. Silent & Peaceful"
  Barn Owl  
  Eyes of the Darkness  
Rs. 15000/-
Pledge : 10%
  Piercing Eyes - Pied Kingfisher  
  Pericing Eyes  
18" X 12"
Rs. 17000/-
Pledge : 10%

"Piercing Eyes", Pied Kingfisher, One of the most graceful Hunter of Water. It's hunting skills reminds us how precious is to conserve our wetland ecosystems. Survival of any living species depends on healthy ecology. We need watchful piercing eyes to have successful attempts every time to save & protect our wetlands to keep alive the healthy environment for water birds...

"Water gives life to so many creatures but we failed to conserve it"

"Silent Beauty", Little Egret, A tribute to common birds of India that are generally ignored in the splendour of other iconic species. The Little Egret is a small white heron found in lakes, marshes, and flooded fields. It is endowed with elegant all white plumage. In fact, its breeding plumes were once regarded as more valuable than gold & widely smuggled in many parts of the world.

This painting is published in May 2012 issue of 'Saevus' Wildlife Magazine.

  Little Egret  
  Silent Beauty  
Rs. 21500/-
Pledge : 10%
  Indian Robin  
  Sizzling Summer  
12" X 18"
Rs. 21500/-
Pledge : 10%

"Sizzling Summer", Indian Robin, I got inspiration of this painting from one of my earlier field work trip during summer at nearby village. This little fella has allowed me to come very close & it was really beautiful moment of my life to cherish :o).

"Hot Summer Season is a time for wildlife to dream of a Happy Monsoon"

"Only Me! ", Eurasian Collard Dove, Very common bird and living around us yet so very special for nature.

"Each species is important for the survival of ecosystems"
  Eurasian Collard Dove  
  Only Me!  
Rs. 17000/-
Pledge : 10%
Oil on Canvas Panel

"Kallu - Son of Mirchani", Royal Bangal Tiger, This young han'some male tiger is son of Mirchani & B2 of Bandhavgarh National Park.

"Jungle is alive because of Tigers - Save Tiger"
  Kallu - Son of Mirchani  
  Kallu - Son of Mirchani  
Rs. 47000/-
Pledge : 10%
  Asiatic Lion  
  The Old Master  
26" X 19"
Rs. 40000/-
Pledge : 10%

"The Old Master", Asiatic Lion...One of the very endangered species of Big Cats. Called 'Dalamattho' in local language, means BIG, Strong and Graceful full grown male lion.

Habitat loss, same Gene Pool and Risk of massacre by disease are the main conservation threats.

"Save Asiatic Lions and its last abode"

"The Contender", Blackbuck Antelope, Young male Blackbuck challenges dominent male to be the new leader of the harem...

India's fastest antelope and endangered species. Inspired from trip to the Velavadar Blackbuck NP. Scarcity of Grassland Habitat, Poaching and Hunting is the main conservation threat.

"Save Grasslands - Stop Poaching & Game Hunting"
  Blackbuck Antelope  
  The Contender  
Rs. 225000/-
Pledge : 10%
  Golden Jackal & Red-wattled Lapwings  
  Soulful Survival  
36" X 30"
Rs. 86000/-
Pledge : 10%
"Soulful Survival", Golden Jackal & Red-wattled Lapwings, Birds & Harbivores always frightned by the presence of any carnivores nearby. I've tried to depict the havoc & panic as well as the determination to live life with spirit in these kind of wretched circumstances.
"Always be alert..."
"Face the challenges with strength"
"Indian Rendezvous", Demoiselle Cranes, Winter Migrant to India. Usually found near river banks & village farms. In India, villagers gives respect and welcomes them, but preservation of their habitat and wetlands is a main issue, if we want, these birds visit to India every year in a good numbers.
"Save Wetlands"
  Demoiselle Cranes  
  Indian Rendezvous  
Rs. 86000/-
Pledge : 10%
  Baya Weaver Birds  
  Sensuous Summon  
29" X 22"
Rs. 51000/-
Pledge : 10%
"Sensuous Summon", Baya Weaver Birds, Male works very hard during monsoon season for creating very astonishing nest to attract females. Lives in colony, very noisy but very beautiful & master in acrobatics.
"Give respect to every creations of the Nature"
"Alone", Hoopoe, the only bird of its kind, family Upupidae, order Coraciiformes. Looks very beautiful during the flight & with open fan like crest.
"Observe every behaviour of the birds"
  Common Hoopoe  
Rs. 20000/-
Pledge : 10%
  Common Stonechat  
20" X 11"
"Stopover", Common Stonechat, I found this beautiful perching bird when I taking photographs of Demoiselle Cranes and all of a sudden a bird perched on a branch in front of me, like saying, Hey... take my photo first. Soon painting on Demoiselle Cranes will arrive.
"Enjoy Nature's best tune"
"Acute Perception" , Black Kite, I like the sharp eyes of birds of prey. I found these birds sharply focused on female peafowl that roost on nearby tree on their roosting site. I liked the situation and create this painting to make people think, 
what these two fellows looking at?
"Preserve tall trees"
  Black Kite Roosting Site  
  Acute Perception  
Rs. 38000/-
Pledge : 10%
  Indian Peafowl  
  Monsoon Amour  
29" X 20"
Rs. 46500/-
Pledge : 10%
"Monsoon Amour", Peafowl, The National bird of INDIA. One of the most graceful & beautiful birds. At the monsoon, ‘Courtship Display’ is the best romantic dance to glimpse while listening its melodious song. Mostly found near water in group of males & during monsoon with females.
"Please never pet wild animals or birds"
"The Guardian", Spotted Owlet, found near civilization and cultivation. A bird of Prey, plays a very significant role to save our crops.
"Owl, A bird to Worship"
  Spotted Owlet  
  The Guardian  
Rs. 33000/-
Pledge : 10%
  Bengal Tiger  
  Dawn Chorus Listner  
24" X 22"
Rs. 35000/-
Pledge : 10%
"Dawn Chorus Listner", a painting on one of the finest and the biggest cats of the World and equally endangered. The Bengal Tiger. This female tiger is from Rajkot Zoo, and seated in tranquil mood and the birds on the nearby tree were singing the melodious song of the early morning.
"Don't buy any products that made from any organs of the Animals or Birds"
"Strange Noise", I like the expression of this lioness, curiously looking up into the branches of nearby tree to hear the bizzare sound. I’ve tried to show the importance of the tree in the life of animals and birds by depict lioness relaxing under the tree & life at the tree.
"Save Tree, Grow more Trees"
"A Home to someone"
  Asiatic Lion(Female)  
  Strange Noise  
Rs. 35000/-
Pledge : 10%
  Lion Cub (2 Months)  
  Towards The Future  
24" X 20"
Rs. 31000/-
Pledge : 10%
"Towards the Future", the first painting in the ‘Lion Cub Series’. This 2 month old looking something faraway like seeing his future. GOOD or BAD? Only we know the answer. I hope future of the lions will be great, and we will see them all along.
"Do not ruin the dwelling of wild animals"
"Unfair Game", In Jungle everyone has a day. Every creature plays its role to maintain better environment, except us.
"Give respect to every living thing"
"Everyone has right to live"
  Common Squirrels  
  Unfair Game  
Rs. 39000/-
Pledge : 10%
  Lion Cub (2 Months)  
  Curious Eyes  
30" X 18"
Rs. 43000/-
Pledge : 10%
"Curious Eyes" , Second in the ‘Lion Cub Series’, cubs from Rajkot Zoo. I desired to feel the importance of freedom and curiosity of early age.
"Captive animals needs more love"
"Please don't harass them"
"Forlorn Afternoon", Third in the ‘Lion Cub Series’, 6 Month old seated alone at the afternoon, with expressions like "Thinking about Something...". Soon Fourth painting on this series will arrive.
"Animals feel love, give them love"
"You will get more love in return"
  Lion Cub (6 Months)  
  Forlorn Afternoon  
Rs. 23500/-
Pledge : 10%
  Young Male Lion  
  A Young Male Lion  
20" X 16"
Male Lion Portrait, This young male lion is from Gir NP, looking like a leader of the pride, definitely he will be the leader of the pride someday.
"Only inhabit of Asiatic Lion, Preserve it"
Female Tiger Portrait, I'm very fascinate about the muscular built body, hunting technique and the most EYES. Pride of INDIA, but not in a very good condition, even after many efforts to save this majestic cat!!!!!
"Save the Jungle to Save the TIGER"
  Bengal Tiger  
  Bengal Tiger (Female)  
  White Thorated Kingfisher  
  Silent Stream  
20" X 16"
"Silent Stream", White Thorated Kingfisher, widely found kingfisher in INDIA. This bird not very related to water but mainly found near water.
"Water....A Lifeline for Wildlife"
"New Day", Spotted Deer of Gir NP. Every day is the new day for every herbivore of the jungle, who passed the night safely will return to drink early in the morning. They live on the edge for their life, a very hard life.
"Survival of the Fittest-Nature rules the jungle"
  Spotted Deer  
  New Day  
Rs. 36000/-
Pledge : 10%
  Graphite on Paper  
Lion Cub(2 Months)
  Asiatic Lion Cub  
14" X 14"
"Asiatic Lion Cub" exhibited at Marwell Conference centre exhibition at Marwell Zoological Park, U.K.
  Asiatic Lion(Female)  
  Asiatic Lion(Female)  
12" X 10"
White Thorated Kingfisher
  The Horse with Bridle  
12" X 10"
  Tawny Eagle  
  Tawny Eagle  
16" X 14"
Email me to Purchse these artworks... :)
10% of the sales proceeds will be donated to the Green Tree ECF...
  > All the paintings are available to purchase unless otherwise specified.  
  > Pledge % is showing the amount of sales proceeds that will be donated to the 'Green Tree ECF'.  
  > To purchase these artworks, please email me at rahulc_parekh@yahoo.com. Please mention <Painting Name> in subject line.  
  > Also add your Complete Name, Postal Address & Mobile No (preferably Whats App) in email for safe delivery.  
  > Price is including Courier Charges within India. No GST is applicable at the moment on my Artworks.  
  > Painting will be delivered within a week through reputed courier service after receiving the confirm order.  
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  > Payment can be made through DD in favor of 'Rahul Parekh' payable at Rajkot (Gujarat) or by Online Fund Transfer (NEFT/RTGS).  
  > For more information please read Terms & Condition.  
  > If you have any queires please feel free to contact me.  
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