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14th January, 2019
  Welcome to Wildlife Art of Rahul Parekh...  
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Wildlife Art is relatively new and ignored art form in India but it's the most ancient art form of human history. The first ever subject of painting was Wild Animals. We have found many cave art depecting early wildlife of prehistoric era and created by Neanderthals and later by Homo Sapiens.

This suggest our strong bond with Nature & Wildlife. During the time Wildlife Art is improved, rejuvinated & flourished by many talented wildlife and folk artists. Today we are seeing the most polished and glorified Wildlife Art.

Today, WILDLIFE ART is not just an ART. Its very specialized subject and requires deep knowledge & understanding of different elements of Nature & Wildlife. A scientific approach & research & observation in wild is must to create one piece of True Wildlife Art.


This entire creative process takes huge amount of work force and dedication. Though, the most important part is end result...

My Journey was started with a dream to be Wildlife Artist and today passionately living it. I'm also working hard to promote & spread the word about Wildlife Art in India so it can reach to many people who are still unaware of such beautiful art form. I truly wish you'll be happy to enjoy my Wildlife Art as much as I happily create it and don't forget to send me your feedback and subscribe to eNewsletter to get regular updates of my Wildlife Art :).

Please enjoy your lovely time at my online art gallery and If you like something here please email me. All the artworks displayed here are available to purchase unless otherwise specified. I'm regularly update my website so keep looking for new artworks. Also visit my Art Studio section to enjoy my on easel artwork and Art Video section to enjoy Wildlife Artworks Process. Now you can also purchase my Limited Edition Wildlife Art Prints too.

I do accept private commissions for wildlife paintings. Please feel free to contact me for commissions or any paintings you might be interested.

Now Mobile App is also available to enjoy my Wildlife Art on your fingertips anytime anywhere :).

Rahul Parekh is commited to give 10-30% of the sales proceeds of Original Wildlife Art to the Green Tree Eco Conservation Fund and CROW INDIA. Support Wildlife Art to Save Nature. To view entire collection of artworks, please visit here.

...Wildlife Art for Nature Conservation...

- New Arrival -
"Kallu - Son of Mirchani"
28" X 21" - Oil on Canvas
Han'some male Tiger of Bandhavgadh NP. Son of Mirchani & B2.
- Original Available - Rs. 47000/- Email to Purchase
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Golden Jackal & Red-wattled Lapwings
Art Gallery
Golden Jackal & Red-wattled Lapwings, Birds & Harbivores always frightened by...
Demoiselle Cranes
New Arrivals

Indian Rendezvous, Demoiselle Cranes, Winter Migrant to India...


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About Me
Me on Facebook
Me on Twitter
Me on Blogger
Me on YouTube
Me on Pinterest
Me on Instagram
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